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Location: Dudley, United Kingdom


Designs and communications produced: Exhibition designs, brochures, billboards, employee handbook, booklets, leaflets, adverts, logos and icon designs.

The Brief

We were asked to design the ERIKS stand at the Pump Centre Conference held at Telford International Centre.


The Solution

We created a double sided exhibition wall, one side featured an infographic about waste water, the other side featured a series of pipes which made up a pump system. As this was a focused show about pumps we developed the idea of a design that showed the technical structure of a pump system to engage with the target audience. Most delegates would of been engineers or working in the engineering world and we wanted to get across what ERIKS provide in that area in a clear, visual way that the audience would understand.

The artwork links all of the services and products ERIKS provide for a pumping system together with a series of pipes. The pump is the centre of the design and the other elements are shown around it in the technical order of flow. The design goes across several walls at different angles attracting people to walk around the piece and read the information.

“I have now used Bostin Design for a number of projects over our normal creative agencies for a number of reasons. Their prices are perfect for my budget, the designs are inspiring and they have the ability to know exactly what I want from even the shortest of email briefs. Their patience and turnaround times are a perfect complement to my fast paced ‘want it now’ schedule and I would highly recommend them to any company big (like ourselves) or small! Bostin are my best found hidden gem and I look forward to the success of our future projects.”


S. Andrews – Market Insight of ERIKS UK