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Vanbrugh Construction


Location: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


Designs and communications produced:

Banners, Brochures, Web Design, Direct Mail, Signage, Infographics, Leaflets and Adverts.

The Brief

We were asked to create an identity that was different from a stereotypical construction company. Workmen with yellow hard hats on diggers didn’t appeal to them; they wanted brand messaging that can showcase what could be achieved by using their steel frames. They would then use this to create market awareness and attract customers that already have suppliers and/or have never used this kind of construction before.


The Solution

We created a minimalistic bold brand identity that stood out from Vanbrugh’s competitors. Focusing on large imagery gave the portfolio feel they were looking for. The addition of typographic selling points on branded materials helped reiterate the companies message to their audience. We also created designs for Vanbrugh’s open day where a show home was errected inside a warehouse for potential customers to walk around the structure. Quirky invites were sent out to promote the event, this drew lots of attention and gained many leads on the day giving the business a great boost of interest.

Since working with Vanbrugh from the start the company has grown to become very successful. They are now working on local government contracts as well as expanding the business in the Middle East, Scotland and Ireland. Also recently winning a contract with BC Make to create low cost affordable housing in which the community build their own homes. The have plans to expand in this area within local government.

The Feedback

“Bostin have been on our very exciting journey with us from the beginning, from designing and updating our website through to the design and supply of promotional materials and press releases. They are always available to attend to any technical queries we have and always make us feel like we are their main priority. We have certainly found a great partnership in Bostin Designs! First class service and highly recommended.”


N. Clayton – Consultant Director of Developments of Vanbrugh Construction